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If you rotate this picture upright, there is a much different aspect, feeling to the piece. Here I see misdirection in the blood/hair, guiding the viewer away from the guilt and reluctance so evident in the subject's eyes and gaze. She is getting out of here, apparently with blood on her, in her hair, the hardest place to wash it clean from. The sickle knife and roses/skulls give an impression, where they are, of an overarching male influence on the events surrounding the subject's predicament, as if the blood were ordered by a master of whom the subject is in the subjugation of. Equally, the expression can be seen as the guilt of a slave who has cut her chains, proverbially, and perhaps the chain-owner's neck. Forever will the scarlet stain of betrayal remind her that her perceived sins are not forgotten by the audience or viewer. The red eyes of the human skull puzzle me...perhaps the last remaining vestige of the master or subjugation.
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